The fat lady sings

After 5 years its over

He said he doesn't have time in his life for a relationship

Work has gotten crazy

His family is demanding

He doesn't have time for himself

He says its not me, its him and his time issues

He says its not fair to me, that hes always busy

So there it is, i have to pick up the pieces and move on with my life

Is there another person i can fall in love with? I highly doubt it

I feel dead inside, nothing matters, nothing ever will again

Ive been depressed for 2 weeks now, and been thinking of ways to end my life

I have no friends to talk to about this

I tried talking to one friend and he told me i should just suck it up and get it together

No one knows how much this is hurting me

I let down all my barriers for that guy and now i feel betrayed

The world carries on....